Annual Owner Meeting

Our Annual Owner Meeting will be held virtually via Zoom on Sunday, October 4th beginning at 3pm. Owners subscribed to our email list will receive an email invitation with a link to join the meeting. If you are an owner not currently subscribed to our email list, but would like to attend the virtual Annual Meeting, please email us at and we'll send you a link to participate. The Annual Meeting will include messages from the Board of Directors and General Manager, election results, and a live Q&A session. The meeting will be recorded and made available for any owners unable to attend.

Even though we're unable to meet in person this year, we hope you'll join us for a virtual celebration good, local food!

Because we're unable to meet in person this year, election ballots must be received by 12 noon on Sunday, October 4th, prior to the start of the Annual Owner Meeting at 3 pm. Paper ballots are available in-store. Please use your owner number as both your Voter ID and Voter Key.