Beer & Wine

Your Beer and Wine department specializes in local and regional libations; Situated in the Rogue Valley, we are fortunate to have access to a number of local breweries and vineyards. While selection is modest, flavors are vast. We stock many familiar brands and enjoy discovering unique new items for you to try.

Jimmy Breedlove
Front End Manager

After a very short teaching career and five years in corporate retail, I began to search for a new home with more concern for my community.  The Medford Food Co-op is the oasis at the end of a very long journey.  Although I am very new to both the organic and co-op worlds, I have done my best to jump in with both feet.  In my spare time, I enjoy table-top role playing games, experimenting with new ingredients, and researching the tangled web that is our modern food industry.  I am doing my best to enjoy strenuous exercise.