Find a New Local Flavor to Savor

Celebrate the abundance of local food this harvest season with Thrive’s 12th Annual Eat Local Celebration! The fun kicks off on Friday, September 9th with an array of events around the valley including Farm-to-Table dinners, the Annual Rogue Flavor Food & Farm Tour, the Salsa Festival & Showdown, tastings and demos of local foods at markets and grocery stores, menu specials at local restaurants, and much more. To download a full list of events, visit the Thrive website.

Eating local foods benefits us both as individuals and as a community. When we eat local food we support local farms and producers, and keeping our dollars local boosts our local economy. When our foods do not have to travel vast distances, there is less waste and fresher, better tasting food. Support for local food production encourages diversification of crops, which is more sustainable and better for the soil than large-scale conventional agriculture. Thriving local farmers are more likely to be good stewards of the land and are incentivized to conserve open spaces. And eating local foods builds stronger communities through personal connections and thoughtful appreciation for what it takes for food to reach your plate.

The Eat Local Celebration is an amazing opportunity to connect with your local farmers and food producers! Here at the co-op, we’ll be offering samples and tastings from at least a dozen local food producers between September 9th – 25th. From wine to cheese to alpaca sausage, we invite you to find a new local flavor to savor! Check out our calendar of events for vendor details and tasting times.