Become an Owner

Medford Food Co-op is a community-owned grocery store and café located in the heart of Southern Oregon. As a cooperative, the business is owned and managed by local people who patronize the Co-op, and our profit remains here in the Rogue Valley with our owners.

Co-op ownership pays for itself:

  • 10% off your first purchase of $50 or more
  • an additional 10% off Co+op Deals every Tuesday
  • monthly owner-only coupons
    • $5 off $25 every month
    • additional coupons in selected months
  • earn patronage dividends in profitable years, as determined by the Board of Directors
  • free resusable MFC shopping tote
  • invitation to the Annual Owner Meeting
  • vote for the Board of Directors
  • vote on bylaw revisions
  • vote on Positive Change recipients
  • run for a seat on the Board of Directors

Ownership in the Co-op shall be open to any individual or legal entity who is in accord with its purposes and is willing to accept the responsibilities of ownership. Everyone is welcome to shop at the co-op, and ownership is optional.

Purchasing a Share

You can join the Medford Food Co-op by purchasing a share of the business. The cost of an owner share is $100.00 and payment plans are available for those that want to budget: pay $20.00 down + $10.00 a month and receive full owner benefits. Each person, no matter how many shares they own, gets one vote. Owner shares have the advantage of being a low-cost way for the co-op to build capital and maintain growth.

The purchase of a share is entitled to dividends, and cannot be redeemed for more than the issuing price. All shares are subject to the terms and conditions of the articles of incorporation and bylaws of the Medford Food Co-op. Shares are at risk and refundable, though the Board retains the right to withhold refunds when necessary to protect the co-op’s financial viability.

Full owner shares can be purchased in-store from any cashier or online via the link below. To take advantage of the payment plan option, please ask a cashier on your next visit to the co-op.

Join Online

Payment Plan Option

Full owner benefits are available to those who purchase one or more shares for one hundred dollars ($100.00) each. Medford Food Co-op also makes full owner benefits available to those who enroll in the payment plan option.

Owners that choose to pay for a share using the payment plan option are responsible for making minimum monthly payments in order to maintain their owner benefits and active status. The payment plan requires a $20.00 down payment to initiate ownership, and minimum monthly payments of $10.00 until the $100.00 share price has been paid in full. The cashier will remind you at checkout when a $10.00 monthly payment is due.

Payments must be made in increments of $10.00 and must occur monthly. If a payment has not been received in the last two months, owner benefits (including monthly coupons) will be placed on hold. To release benefits on hold, all past due payments must be made in full.

Payment plans are only available for share purchases made in-store. At this time, the payment plan option is not available for online share purchases.

Redemption of Shares

Ownership may be terminated voluntarily by an owner at any time upon notice to the co-op. Upon termination of ownership, an owner share may be redeemed as determined by the Board of Directors.

To redeem your owner share, please complete a Share Redemption Form and submit the completed form to the co-op. Once your form has been received and approved, a check will be mailed for the amount of the share(s) redeemed. Checks for share redemption will be mailed within 10-14 days of approval. Share Redemption Forms are available at the Customer Service desk or via the link below.

Share Redemption Form